Luca Faloni is a Men’s Fashion brand, founded on the philosophy of slow fashion. Their garments are crafted from the finest quality materials in Italy. They were looking for a facelift on their previous social media content.

Read more about my design process by clicking/tapping here.

Key Points

Every 8 posts contains the branding/logo so each collective 9-square grid highlights the Luca Faloni brand.

Establish visual stories using colours and tones, keeping the products looking fresh, new and interesting. Create a demand for each ‘story’ and in turn each product, in every colour. Transitions smootly between each colour for consistency.

Every sixth post will be highlighting the quality of the products in a close-up image.

Every third post (excluding the close up shot) will be an image to keep followers interacting and following the brand, providing them with an interesting ‘gentrified’ or vintage image to open a discussion.

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