Rickard Luckin are an audit, tax, and accountancy firm. Offering professional services to businesses and individuals. One of the things I wanted to update on their socials, was to improve the existing video content.

Their “product” being their advice and services it was a great opportunity for some simple, professional, typography and feature their branding of coloured squares.

Their existing artwork hasn’t taken into account the final crop when uploaded to social media. Often leading to their branding being diluted and unbalanced compositions.

In the example below, you can see that twitter crops to a square when the video is minimised. Ideal for the brand. When enlarged It takes on a 9:16 ratio so I added the squares in each corner to maintain this branding.

using the same After Effects file I created a landscape version for LinkedIn, Facebook, or even their website.

Their original post can be found by clicking/tapping here.

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