From 2021 I have been the Creative Manager for a Luxury Architectural Design & Manufacture firm. A portion of my role involves the content creation for Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Houzz.

Focusing on Instagram and Pinterest in particular. The highest contributors to our organic social traffic, and the second highest source of traffic, with Google Search being first.

One of our goals was to encourage show room visits to potential new clients. As we saw a higher success rate on converting after they had seen, felt, and experienced our products.

Filming content from within our showrooms and posting as collaborative reels was a way in which we could achieve this. Whilst also reaching a larger audience and improving our engagement on posts.

When we have a visitor, we also give them a tour of our workshop. Watching the products be split into smaller chunks helps to make sense of every design detail. Allowing our designers and sales people to explain the USPs of our products more clearly. It’s also quite an impressive and exciting space that people enjoy seeing.

I had previously followed a clients project through the factory, sending her updates and sneak previews of her order being made. This started as a way for me to nourish that client relationship and encourage future UGC. But I realised that it would make an impressive reel to share across our two brands.

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