totes ISOTONER is an international accessory brand, famed for their socks, slippers, umbrellas, and rainwear. Selling both B2C and B2B. One of their B2B partners is Morrisons. I was responsible for art working the R@in brand across various swing tickets, Poncho wraps, and POS stands.

Above: two styles of Poncho Wrap artwork.

The umbrellas would maintain the same visual R@in branding, however the X-TRA STRONG range switched from blue to red. Making it easier for customers to see the two options available to them on the POS stand.

Each umbrella contained between 2-3 swing tickets. In this scenario the first ticket is double-sided with a perforated price tag. The second ticket contains more information on the X-TRA STRONG range. The third ticket is optional instructions, and would only appear on the relevant umbrellas. It was my responsibility to ensure that the correct umbrellas received the correct artwork.

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